Sales Operations Manager (in Barcelona or Fully Remote)

Job description

About the company

Openprovider is a wholesaler of domains, extensions, Plesk licenses, and other flexible solutions through our user-friendly, fully automated platform.

The company was founded in 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Now we are a team of 60 people, we have offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, and India.

At Openprovider we love IT in everything we do. Our why reflects this: Do what you enjoy, and we automate the rest! Customers notice this by giving us high grades & long-term partnerships. In the past years, we have been growing significantly year on year becoming one of the largest domain & SSL wholesalers in Europe.

About the role

“Every engine requires a dependable supply of oil to ensure it runs smoothly and consistently. In business, that oil is the sales operations manager.” Sales Operations Manager at Openprovider interacts with all levels of the sales team. For new sales team members, they help with training, onboarding, and training. With sales leaders and managers, they help make data-driven decisions and recommendations for improving the sales funnel and process.

Outside of the sales team, sales operations managers often work alongside the marketing team to build a lead qualification process, arrange email campaigns.

Sales Operations will report to the Head of Sales.


The main mission of Sales Operations is to help support our sales team as we manage incredible growth and new expansion. The Sales Operations Manager is responsible for assisting sales leadership in driving operational excellence for Openprovider. You also assist with the day to day administration of Openprovider and operational tasks.

This role is a high value-add business partner to the sales organization, enabling revenue growth and increasing sales productivity by providing effective methodologies, efficient processes, value-added information, and sales tools for all stages of sales and account management. You are an essential part of our goal to become the Top 3 Domain Registrar in the world in the next 5 years and reach our BHAG: 100 001 memberships, 25 000 000 domains, and high-velocity agile productivity.

In addition to our BHAG Sales Operations should also follow our business values:


  • To improve and automate communication with the customers so that there are practically no questions from our customers to support.


  • Make sure all the communication is according to GDPR rules in Europe and Privacy Protection standards in the world.
  • Double protection for all important actions.


  • Being up to date with the new trends of our industry in the technology used for sales automation.

We want to use Agile principles in our approach:

  • Customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable service.
  • Welcome changing requirements, even at a late stage.
  • Optimize constantly all workflows so that we reach our targets.
  • Close, daily cooperation between Marketing, Product, and Support.

Goals and Responsibilities:


    • Collaborating with the product, marketing, support, finance and analytics
    • Build, implement and monitor the commercial workflow for sales & marketing automation
    • Manage the operational strategy with the marketing, sales and product teams
    • Develop the inside sales strategy and make sure the company's strategy is aligned with it
    • Focus on the constant delivery of value to the business and to customers
    • Research competition, investigate benchmarks and provide suggestions for improvement


    • Stay up to date with the latest technology and best practices in the industry and share this knowledge with the commercial department
    • Sharing technological visions, opportunities, and risks company-wide for better conversion of sales and a better upsell
    • Constantly manage and oversee different ways how to decrease churn by automation based on the customer lifecycle
    • Implement new technologies as needed to support sales & marketing team
    • Cooperate with ML team to create automated solutions for lead generation, customer acquisition, and sales / AM


    • Automating sales and inside sales processes and track objectives for the processes
    • Collect, analyze and prioritize requests from other departments and divisions across the company
    • Anticipate sales performance trends
    • Refine customer conversion strategy together with the sales strategy
    • Building and analyzing statistical models to better understand our usage data together with the marketing and product analytics specialist
    • Monitor and implement a customer retention strategy
    • Release and monitor on a regular basis all automated workflows for the sales/marketing/product/support teams.


    • Reach established metrics to assist in effectiveness evaluations and business value decisions.
    • Communicate recommended improvements, best practices, and risks to all parts of the commercial department
    • Constantly review and update the quality of the messages which are used to communicate to the leads/customers
    • Develop and deploy recommender systems, running A/B-tests to design meaningful experiences to different customer segments;


    • Ensure that all the communication and workflows correspond to the GDPR regulations in Europe and Privacy Protection principles in the world


    • Measure ROI and KPIs


    • Build trusting relationship within the team members
    • Provide training and mentoring to a commercial department on new technologies

Job requirements

Required skills and experience

- 2+ years of experience in Sales Operations (in the b2b sector)

- Experience with Hubspot or similar marketing automation software

- Knowledge about IT industry

- Fluent English

Nice to have:

- Experience in Digital Marketing


  • Customer-oriented: Investigate customer wishes and needs and act accordingly. Putting the customer first without compromising their own business interests.
  • Communicative: To be able to make clear opinions, ideas, and complicated matters in understandable language.
  • Result-oriented: Focusing actions and decisions on the actual realization of intended results.
  • Perseverance: you get to hear a lot of no, find the energy to continue
  • Good listener: letting the customer talk by asking the right questions
  • Innovative: know which technology to use to automate the sales process


  • Full-time employment
  • Office in Barcelona or Fully Remote work
  • Company laptop (MacBook)
  • Flexible working hours