Head of Marketing

Job description

About the company

Openprovider is a wholesaler of domains, extensions, Plesk licenses, and other flexible solutions through our user-friendly, fully automated platform.

The company was founded in 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Now we are a team of 60 people, we have offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, and India.

At Openprovider we love IT in everything we do. Our why reflects this: Do what you enjoy, and we automate the rest! Customers notice this by giving us high grades & long-term partnerships. In the past years, we have been growing significantly year on year becoming one of the largest domain & SSL wholesalers in Europe.

About the team

Our Marketing team currently consists of 4 people (two Copywriters, Commercial Project Manager, Graphic Designer), but it will grow up to 10 people in the near future. The Head of Marketing will report to the Chief Commercial Manager.

About the role

The Head of Marketing at Openprovider is expected to bring in success to the company which relies on a good content strategy, marketing technical expertise, defining and executing the right marketing strategy by applying a growth hacking approach. In addition, you are responsible for managing, guiding, and training by the marketing team.


The main mission of the Head of Marketing is to get a 100% growth in the number of Memberships in the existing markets and by opening new markets. Creating brand awareness of Openprovider and positioning Openprovider brand on a global level as an expert in the innovative technologies among domain wholesalers. You are an essential part of our goal to become Top 3 Domain Registrar in the world in the next 5 years

Goals and Responsibilities:


  • Collaborating with product, sales, support, finance, and operations
  • Build, plan and implement the overall digital marketing strategy together with the CCM
  • Manage the strategy with the marketing, sales and product teams
  • Participates with other senior managers to establish strategic plans and objectives
  • Develop the marketing strategy and make sure the company's strategy is aligned with the created marketing strategy
  • Focus on the constant delivery of value to the business and to customers
  • Communicating with leads and stakeholders about the business value of the company products in the meetings organized by Sales and together with AMs in order to understand our customers and identify and update our buyer persona.
  • Build an inbound, social media, external communications & PR plan
  • Research competition, investigate benchmarks and provide suggestions for improvement


  • Stay up to date with the latest technology and best practices in the industry and share this knowledge with the commercial department
  • Sharing technological visions, opportunities, and risks company-wide
  • Respond to feedback from stakeholders and use it to make improvements or adjustments needed
  • Constantly manage and oversee different digital marketing channels in order to maintain necessary growth for the company


  • Establishing a marketing process and set objectives for the process
  • Ensure that application deployment, change control and issue management processes are defined, communicated, executed and audited
  • Collect, size and prioritize requests from other departments and divisions across the company
  • Anticipate sales performance trends
  • Refine user acquisition strategy together with the lead generation strategy
  • Building and analyzing statistical models to better understand our usage data


  • Establish appropriate metrics to assist in effectiveness evaluations and business value decisions
  • Ensure that quality assurance is optimized, within cost constraints
  • Communicate recommended improvements, best practices, and risks to all parts of the commercial department
  • Constantly review and update the quality of the messages which are used to communicate to the leads/customers
  • Oversee all the company's social media accounts and Openprovider brand identity
  • Measure and manage online content (internal and external)
  • Track SEO and Google Analytics / Matomo data and make complex analysis together with the Marketing & Product Data Analyst
  • Develop and deploy recommender systems, running A/B-tests to design meaningful experiences to different customer segments;
  • Build brand loyalty


  • Ensure that all the communication and ads correspond to the GDPR regulations in Europe and Privacy Protection principles in the world


  • Prepare and manage digital marketing budget together with CCM
  • Keep track on a weekly basis on the marketing expenses
  • Measure ROI and KPIs


  • Lead a team of product in achieving our BHAG and targets
  • Assist in developing and implementing best practices to find and hire A players
  • Assist in hiring people that fit our core values
  • Assist in hiring and educating people that fit our mission of working in Autonomous environment
  • Build trusting relationship within the team
  • Provide people motivation within the team
  • Provide rotation and promotion processes
  • Create PDP and support people with their development process
  • Provide training and mentoring to all direct reports
  • Provide feedback loop

Job requirements


  • Creativity: Given the overload of information on digital media, marketer’s needs to be creative enough to ensure that their campaigns stand out among the competition.
  • Social Skills: Working within a digital marketing team without solid social skills can be a disaster. If you work with social media in any capacity, you need special social skills to understand how individuals communicate with one another so you can create the most engaging content.
  • Sales skills: While your digital marketers may not be closing deals directly, they need to know how to sell or they’ll be wasting your valuable marketing budget without generating qualified lead opportunities for your sales team.
  • A mix of creativity and analytical abilities: Digital marketing requires both creative thinking and analytical thinking. Many new candidates want to focus purely on one or the other, but it’s important to bring “art and science” to each digital program.
  • Quick learner: Digital marketing has some rules and these rules keep changing from time to time. You have to be a quick learner and also you should be able to use the knowledge acquired in practice.
  • Communication Skills: This job position requires a significant amount of communicating with other people on the team, explaining highly complex digital and tech topics, presenting data and research to non-tech-oriented audiences, and describing the business benefits of a certain project in terms that everyone can understand.
  • Multitasker: There could be different views on multitasking but given the real-time working of digital media and the number of factors that affect results in this media, having multitasking skills will benefit in leveraging digital media in your favor.
  • Willingness to experiment: Digital media knows no boundaries, but it puts some restrictions to maintain the dignity of the media otherwise there is no limitation on using creativity and experiment with new ideas of communication.
  • Comfort with technology: Technology is the backbone of digital marketing. It is difficult to think of running a campaign without using tools that can help in monitoring the success of campaigns.
  • Lifelong Learner: The tech industry is in a constant state of change. As such, professionals absolutely must engage in continuing education. Hence, given the dynamic nature of digital media, one should have the above-mentioned soft skills to be successful in leveraging digital marketing.


  • Bachelor degree in Marketing or other similar fields
  • Experience of working on the position or Marketing Team Lead or Head of Marketing 
  • Experience of leading a team up to 10 people
  • IT industry experience

Working conditions

  • Full-time employment
  • Office in Barcelona
  • Possibility to work fully remotely
  • Flexible working hours